305375 "The Voice of the Voiceless" (Vol​.​1)

by Capital-X

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Debut album by raptivist Capital-"X".


released May 19, 2010


all rights reserved



Capital-X Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Redemption

I've waited decades for my turn, now without concern
I'm a spit this fire, sit back and watch the world burn
man this is for every cop, that's ever called me a spic
as I was pistol whipped, and beat with night sticks
and this is for every public pretender, that conned me into taking a deal
made me think I was hitting the streets, but wound up behind bricks and steel
and this is for every judge, that sent me up state
where I grew bitter and cold, filled with anger and hate
man I've been misunderstood, from the second I came out the pussy
no I ain't no killa, but don't fucken push me
I've been plotting this, since my days in solitary confinement
where I prayed to God, to show me the light through the darkness
well to your dismay, my prayers have been answered
and since that day, my words have been spreading like cancer
no you can't stop it, cause truth always prevails
man every letter of this verse, is like a bomb being mailed
to everyone that's wrote me off, and said I was worthless
a born loser, that served no purpose
and to every C.O. that told me to lift up my nut-sack
spread open my ass-crack, and said I'd be back
man fuck that, I'm over turning every sentence
coming with a vengeance, and claiming my redemption


Man I was born guilty, in the eyes of my oppressors
kept under surveillance, and under constant pressure
They've been feeding me lies, ever since I was an adolescent
well now watch me flip the script and teach these fucks a lesson
sure I've lied to survive, but I've never lied to myself
I know I'm going to heaven, cause I already been through hell
lock down in a cell, a corporate slave
but now I'm rising, like Christ from the grave
and I ain't talking on some Bad Boy shit, or Roca-Fella
I'm talking Filiberto Rios, and Nelson Mandela
Malcolm-X, Karl Marx and Medgar Evers
I'm wielding my machete, till the dragons 7 heads are severed
I ain't just talking about, we need a change,
man I'm breaking the shackles, handcuffs and chains
they tried to break me, but they just made me stronger
they thought they silenced me, they couldn't have been wronger
I'm bringing the noise like Public Enemy, speaking the truth like Technique
seeking vengeance for my people like an Arawak Chief
talk is cheap, so I'm backing my words with action
draw first blood, and we'll see what happens
don't forgot the golden rule, what goes around comes around
and keep in mind, that you can't keep a real nigga down.....


Like Q-Unique, vengeance will be mine
that's why I be coming at ya's like the judge, just gave me an asshole full of time
I got homicide on my mind, revenge pumping through my veins
for every inmate locked in the hole, literally going insane
man I feel their pains, tears falling like acid rain
I know most of ya'll don't give a fuck, except for capital gain
so I spit with a ferociousness, that will rattle your brains
make you see today’s prisoners, are just like yesterdays slaves
captured enchained, locked in a cage
forced to work like third world children, that are under age
housed in conditions, the ASPCA would find inhumane
surrounded by TB, HIV and AIDS
365 days, could turn into a death sentence
but they keep on warehousing, inmates by the millions
I served13 years, and it made me worse not better
cause their plan from day one, was to make me a repeat offender
but like Filiberto Ríos, I refused to surrender
man they ain't never seen me, as anything more than a commodity
but now they're looking at me, like I'm their worst fuckin enemy
I'm armed with verses of truth, that reek of revolution
I got these fucks trying to raise, Willie Lynch from the grave
to try to regain control, of this runaway slave.....

Track Name: Resistance

Fuck the system, I'm down for resistance
fuck talking revolution, yo handle ya business
I'm armed with the truth, and I'm taking position
high powered ammunition, I'm even hittin innocent victims
cause cops is murdering now, just for suspicion
21 shots, 29 more to scare off witnesses
bitches grab ya crucifixes, I'm spittin Holy Scriptures
slittin my wrists wit scissors, and painting bloody pictures
coming from the trenches, straight from the front lines
where streets is booby trapped, with trip wires and land mines
Percentage rates is high, for your ass to serve time
man I'll go out like a trooper, before I go down for the third time
who blasts nines? I'm building up a regiment
fuck being legitimate, and mutha fuck a president
I'm spittin pestilence, every word is relevant
Standing here defiant, till I go out just like Malcolm did

If they ain't out to murder us, dogg they're out to lock us down
don't care where ya from, Big city, small town
they'll put you underground, in an early grave
or ship ya ass up state, bound in chains like a slave
If they ain't out to murder us, they're out to lock us down
don't care where ya from, Big city, small town
they'll lock you in a cage, for your whole fucking existence
I'm slippin the clips in, this here's resistance

I stand for the condemned, those who struggles see no end
for the less fortunate, who see death as an option
for the forgotten, locked in solitary confinement
for those struggling, in hostile environments
raised up in tenements, that be looking more like prisons
racial division, is clear and in my vision
but they got ya'll dumbed up, with your eyes glued to your televisions
this world we live in, is cold and unforgiving
then we wonder why our children, be attacking they own school buildings
multiple killings, just means profits in millions
this whole Judicial system, milks tax payers for billions
even false convictions, fattens up their pensions
man it's the politicians that deserve lethal ejections
I pray God takes His vengeance, or I'll just take mines
create rhymes that rape minds, to take up and bare 9's
an make front page headlines, just like mutha fucken hate crimes


I'm tired it's evident, from two decades of decadence
lack of dead presidents, and a decent place of residence
I tried to stay legitimate, tired of imprisonment
but I'm an ex-convict, and you all know the statistics
lets kick the logistics, you know the percentages
one in every four, are serving mandatory sentences
pact up prisons means higher profit percentages
man they don't give a fuck, they'll even lock down their own relatives
what Rockefeller did, is still affecting us
no one is protecting us, so I'm seeking an exodus
effected by their prejudice, born a criminal
wanted dead or alive since I was cut from the umbilical
it's all political, just look at the evidence
revolution is our hope, sorry not no Black president
they're trying to keep us ignorant, trying to keep us silent
I speak truth, but they say that I'm promoting violence

Track Name: Face The Music
Face the music

I rap bars, for those trapped behind bars
while cats rap crap, trying to become rap stars
they won't get that far, chasing fast cash and fast cars
I create lyrical litigations that will get that ass off
justice ain't blind, dogg, she's just lost
making ya chance's of acquittal, slimmer than Kate Moss
in courts the more you pay, the better chance is you walk
that or play Sammy the Bull, and you'll walk if you talk
if you broke you lost, you can kiss that ass goodbye
I don't care if your innocent, with an airtight alibi
swear to tell the truth, but that ass better lie
especially in Texas where chances are, you gonna die
pressure is being applied, so please don't interrupt
allow this like judges allow prosecutorial misconduct
that's when you literally get fucked, without a condom
and justice has a miscarriage like a crack head in Harlem

The system's corrupt shut up, this can't be disputed
the rich get acquitted while the poor get prosecuted
the truth can't be diluted, what I spit can't be refuted
sure you can mute it, but you still gotta face the music
The justice system's corrupt shut up, this can't be disputed
the rich get acquitted while the poor get executed
the truth can't be diluted, what I spit can't be refuted
sure you can mute it, but you still have to face the music

Forget a plea bargain, that's like grabbing the third rail
or like playing monopoly, you go directly to jail
no passing Go, or collecting two hundred dollar's
don't take a scholar to figure out you a chihuahua fighting wit Rottweiler's
I'm breaking the iron collar, fuck a gag order
I'll quarter the DA's daughter, while reporters catch it on cam-corder's
yea I am out of order, like my cousin Vinny
fighting a capital murder case in Tupelo Mississippi
where chances are iffy, they never 50-50
the odds are against you like gambling in Atlantic City
trials are always risky, but you can beat the odds
with a high priced lawyer like the Teflon Don
but you'll be singing a different song, with a public defender
you'll be going for a ride, but not at great adventure
it's all about the legal tenders, not evidence or proof
means without Johnny Cash, you'll sing the Folsom prison blues


Due process, now here's an interesting topic
a real crock of shit as I like to call it
it's the law of the land according to the Magna Cartar
legal judgment of peers unless you from the projects
for starters you have the right, to a fair and public trial
conducted competently, but we ain't seen that in a while
you got the right to be present at your trial, and to an impartial jury
that's like being at your funeral, when you about to be buried
yea it's scary but you have the right, to have it all make sense
and you have the right to be heard, in your own defense
not that it makes a difference, like a life or death sentence
either way the Eighth Amendment, proves to be nothing but bullshit
it all revolves around profits, governments hands in your pockets
making sure your wages are garnished, even if they made honest
going through hardships, dead broke or homeless
the 5th and 14th Amendments, ain't nothing but garbage

Track Name: Conspiracy

They're locken us up, with blinding speed
man these crazy fucks is even giving niggas life for weed
hell they'll even give you time, for a pipe or seeds
motivated by greed, they'll put ya nuts in a vice and squeeze
nigga please, I got two strikes and they're pitching for three
you don't see no pin stripes, man I don't play for the fucking Yankees
they just wanna lock me up, though it costs more then sending me ta Harvard
cause they'll put me to work for pennies, and reap all the profits
they see me as inferior, that makes me a target
how can you not understand, how I'd blow a mans brains all over the carpet
dead or alive, since my birth I've been wanted
either way to these fucks, I'm a rise in the stock market
so I walk heavily guarded, night and day
because they're hunting me down, just like a run away slave
standing right here today, I got one foot in the grave
I guess it's the pussy, that be making me brave

(Hook) 2x's
They just wanna lock us up, and throw away the key
in the 1st 2nd, and 3rd degree
mandatory minimums, where's the liberty?
truth and justice for all?, it's a conspiracy

I wasn't born with a silver spoon, or mutha fucken fork
I got plastic state issues, compliments of New York
khaki's or greens, housed with killers and fiends
I've lived a nightmare, fuck the American dream
white picket fences on coldesacs, are too far to be seen
stripped of the rights I never had, so the left holds the heat
I still hear sirens in my sleep, shots ringing out louder then church bells
I still hear screams of agony, echoing through my jail cell
in a man made hell, right here on earth
can't you see we're all born prisoners, from the day of our birth
and no one's immune to the curse, death by deadly sin
but these pussy clots are still quick, to come and kill by syringe
it's a no win with no end, don't wait till you fall victim
they're even lockin cats up, indefinitely just for suspicion
hold ya arm steady mutha fucka, make sure you don't miss um
don't worry you ain't killing a man, you just killing a piece of the system


I dream of bloody revolution, my brain stays under siege
I grab the mic and I squeeze, cutting um down at the knees
WAKE UP, ya'll in a deep sleep, thinking ya'll free
blood stained streets, is the only way we'll ever see liberty
turn off your TVs for 60 seconds, watch reality
sit silently-and let the fog lift and fade
you'll clearly see, that we're all born fucking slaves
misbehave, get yo ass locked in cage
rampage, they'll pump the poison all up in your veins
tax payed, drop you in a nameless grave
fuck your age, no ones to young to die by the state
I've witnessed twelve in the box, seal an adolescence fate
child like brown face, "X" is making his closing statements
giving these fucks the opportunity, to make funeral arrangements
I'm in deliberations in the sentencing phase
won't stop till "George Jackson Avenged", Blazes the front page

Track Name: 999330
(Dedicated to Anthony Haynes)

Imagine being-18, head full of dreams
yea everything seems, to being going according to plan
graduated high school at the head of your class
with a full college scholarship, thinking you made it at last
a regular at Sunday mass, till you started following the masses
living life fast, like you had easy-access
living just like, every other bastard
haphazard, walking around half plastered
praying to God, not knowing Satan’s really your master
walking half a step away from total disaster
then in a flash, your life skips to it’s final chapter
You can almost hear, Lucifer's laughter
echoing from the here after, cause now you're captured
waiting to be murdered in cold blood by your captors
your life up until this point, doesn’t really matter
they're prepared to hook you up to a chemical reactor

Sitting on the row, it’s almost time to go
now you know the whole entire world is cold
you’re born alone, to die all alone
now you’re nothing but a number, 999330
it’s time the whole world knows that justice doesn’t exist
and we’re all doomed, if you don’t stand up to resist
Jesus knows no one deserves to die like this
This is not Gods will, this is politics

It all unfolded like a bad dream, a scene in a movie
five minutes of your life, changed your whole destiny
fell into the hands, of man kinds worst enemy
now you're feeling trapped, between reality and fantasy
one minute you’re driving around with your friends happily
acting like them cats you saw in menace to society
next second you’re confronted, by a man acting rabidly
and you were trained to react, having spent time in the military
you feel your life's threatened, no time to think rationally
and if you don’t blast first in your hood, you'll die in the street
you seen him reaching for heat, your heart seized to beat
in a blink of an eye, his blood covered the concrete
you ain't even know, if you were awake or a sleep
till that cell door slammed shut, and you were forced to see
you been found guilty of murder in the first degree
sentenced to die, and no one sees the crime against humanity


A jury sealed your fate, man you can see the hate in their face
you couldn’t help but to think, how they despise your race
now your locked in a cage, 23 hours a day
and your only hope, is that someone takes a look at your case
but it’s like you’re voiceless, stuck between time and space
and they’re out for revenge, because you made one mistake
it seems like Jesus’ death was in vane
you feel pain, the guilt strangles your brain
as your dehumanized, you no longer have a name
you start to see how the government has society trained
it’s all a game, everyone stands to be blamed
forgiveness shot down in flames, all for political gain
man we need change, before it’s to late in the game
see this scenario is real, and the number has a name
Anthony Haynes, we won’t let him die in vane
Father Forgive them, in Jesus' name

Track Name: I Want Justice
I Want Justice

Like this- Who the fuck said, that "X" couldn't make it
man I got friendly crash spots Brick City to Vegas
Croatia, Italy all the way to Australia
man I build with comrades Central America to Asia
the struggle is world wide, it doesn't run and hide
and everywhere I go, I be fighting on the front lines
fuck waving a tech nine, that will get you time
don't put your life on the line for fucking nickels and dimes
man I will blow your minds with high caliber rhymes
yea every line of this rhyme's, considered a felony crime
but all them bureaucratic fucks, can kiss my behind
like Moses was sent to free the Hebrew slaves
I came for all the prisoners condemned to die by the state
so C. O's. get ya fucking asses up and crack them gates
no I ain't come filled with hate, I came filled with debate
spitting evidence, on an iron clad case

I want justice, for George Jackson, and Anthony Haynes
I want justice, for Tony Ford, and Luis Perez
I want justice, for Randy Arroyo and all kids locked in a cage
for Mikey Powell and all victims in Birmingham
I want justice, for every brotha and sister on the row
I want justice, for every broke mutha fucka I know
I want justice, mutha fuckas, and I want it now
I want justice, I don't give a fuck how

Man I ain't trying to win no Grammy, fuck MTV
I rock for all the prisoners on and off the streets
I speak for every brotha, I seen hang dead from a sheet
for every victim in London, murdered by the police
man it's time to slay that beast, no surrender or retreat
I'm locked and loaded, holding court in the streets
releasing this weapon of mass destruction, by Unabeatz
suicide bomber, get ya up out ya seats
man I'll be the prosecutor, the judge and the jury
I'll sentence fools to die, by lyrics of fury
while I Impeach the president for dereliction of duty
what I spit causes rioting, fires and looting
yo cops is shooting, innocent men
from New York City to the streets of Birmingham
they waiting to invade Iran, it's all part of their plan
incarcerated states of America, invading foreign lands


Brooklyn Born, Brick City resident
man I work hard for mines yo, just like an immigrant
I do what I gots to, to eat and to pay the rent
man these rappers is spent, and I'm tired of their posing
they're being terminated, all accounts is frozen
I'm spitting this for the rap fanatics, that been dope sick and jonesing
and it's so high potent, it's to be taken in small dose's
16 bar's, will leave you comatosed
I spit so much truth, I'll make justice choke
brothers on death row, are being lynched with no rope
condemned with no hope, who are the victims here?
how many innocent have been murdered throughout the years
Huntsville Texas, Dominique Greene
brothas I hear your screams, louder than sirens
as I take stages like a snipper, on roof tops firing
making noise for the silenced, calling for a seize in the violence

Track Name: Walk The Walk
Walk The Walk

I don't just talk the talk, I've walked the walk
from Trenton down to Austin, and across the South Bronx
I don't care if a mic's on, I start to drop bombs
I've even dropped hot shit on the governor's lawn
I've weathered the storm, hot cold and warm
cop's let me roll on, like I had weapons drawn
I'd be up before dawn, and I'd walked till dusk
non-stop like I was puffing on that angel dust
speeding cars and trucks, people thought I was nuts
and that I did it for fame, or to earn a fast buck
stupid fucks, they'd rather place their trust
in a system that the whole world knows is corrupt
see I had it tough, when I was growing up
they kept locking me up, but I said enoughs enough
I had it with the talks, man I had to make shit happen
and I know a thousand words, ain't worth one action

I don't just talk the talk I walk the walk
leave cracks on the asphalt like San Andreas fault
Trenton to Texas across the South Bronx
there's no time to halt, I'm armed for Revolt
I don't just talk the talk I walk the walk
leave cracks on the asphalt like San Andreas fault
Trenton to Texas across the South Bronx
there's no time to halt, It's time to Revolt

I walked like troops through foreign lands
armed with nothing but the truth, I took a stand
man like the blood stains in the sands of Afghanistan
I had to understand it was all part of God's Plan
the story hit the news stands, it said stop the killing
as I took my first steps from the state house building
I walked for the children, and for the condemned
and believe me or not yea, I walked for the victims
I don't trust politicians, or the constitution
I only see one solution, that's a bloody revolution
because cops be shooting, with no retribution
while innocent men be facing execution
this is a war I'm not losing, it's to the bloody end
man I'll fight like Machiavelli, just me and my girl friend
yea my feet are still hurtin, but I'm still putting work in
cause tomorrow's not promised, and death is certain


I walked through the Blue Ridge mountains, breath taking views
across Third Ave, passed Jackson Avenue
went through 2 pair of shoes, I paid my fucking due's
as temperatures hit about a hundred and two
I made channel 4 news, and did interviews
man the revolution has been long overdue
I ain't singing the blues, this is a rap attack
man I'm loaded like a Mac, so you best watch ya backs
I took the narrow path, you can do the math
there ain't no turning back so you will feel the wrath
like the price of gas, I'm rising up
if you can't see me you ain't opening your eyes enough
In God We Trust, as we fight for what's right
I advise you duck, and stay out of my sights
my aims precise, now by rank and file
fuck everyone of y'all that blew off walking the first mile


Capital-"X" 305375 for Unstoppable Productions LLC 10-2008
I.G.W.T. Records: Written and performed by Capital-"X"
Music produced by Frank-Ness @ SilverPlate. Oslo, Norway
Inspired by Walk 4 Life ©2008 IGWT305375
Track Name: Spic In Black
Spic in Black

I wrote this for everyone that be wondering, why I'm always dressed in black
why you never see me wearing bright colors on my back
and why does my appearance, always have a somber tone
well there's good fucken reasons, for what I have on
See I wear black to rep the poor, the oppressed and the beaten down
those living in the hopeless, hungry, poverty stricken parts of town
and I wear black for all the prisoners, that have long paid for their crimes
but are still locked in cages, cause they're victims of these times
and I wear black to morn for all those, that I've loved and lost
and for every inmate that's been crucified, since Christ on the cross
and I wear black for the forgotten, those left wondering the streets
with no place to rest their heads at, and no food to eat
an I wear black for every innocent child, that's been abandoned and abused
for everyone that's ever suffered, Whites Blacks Latinos and Jews
I wear black for every son and daughter, whose blood has been spilled
for everyone of my ancestors, Christopher Columbus killed
and I wear black for those who've never read, or listened to the words that Jesus said
for those that know the truth, but choose to live a lie instead
thinking they're alright, with their dope whips (cars) and they chips stacked (money)
well I wear black to remind us all, of the ones that been held back


I wear black for the sick, the lonely and old
and for the reckless ones, whose bad trips have left them cold
and I wear black for all the wasted lives, that could have been
understand that every few minutes, we lose hundreds of men
I wear black for the hundreds of thousands, who have died
believing that the Lord, was on their side
and I wear black for the millions, who have died
believing that we all, were on they side
man I wear black for all my peoples, locked down on cell blocks
and cause I'm still mourning, Biggie, L, Pac, and Scott-La-Rock
and I wear black for all my peoples, dying in meaningless wars
and I wear it for my son, whom I never saw
there are some things in this world, that need changing this I know
cause things are all fucked up, no matter where you go
well till I see the world start to move, to make some things right
you'll never see this mutha fucka, wearing a suit of white
yea I'd love to wear a rainbow of colors, every single day
get on the mic and tell the whole world, everything is O.K.
but it's not so I'll try to carry off, a little darkness on my back
till things start looking brighter, I'll be known as the spic in black

(Hook 2x's)
Yea I'm the spic in black, I represent the struggle
the have nots, the haven't gots, and all those that were born ta hustle
I represent everyone, locked up in a cell
yea I'm the advocate for anybody, living this hell
Track Name: On The Run
On The Run

They'll never take me alive, I'm on the run for life
I've uncovered the truth, and it came with a price
this ain't Miami Vice, this is life or death
they want my mutha fucking blood, to pay off my debt
and they're out to collect, beat me to death with night sticks
as I fiend for freedom, like a junkie that's dope sick
and they roll mad thick, and heavily armed
making you all think your safe, but you've all been conned
they will murder your pops, and imprison your moms
man even Pac was a prisoner before he was born
3 million strong, San Quentin to Sing Sing
man they're merciless like Ming, at war with Bloods and Kings
there's no turning back now, it's all or nothing
I'd rather die for the cause, then to live and do nothing
I'm at war with corruption, fighting with words and percussions
reading the book of Psalms as I pray for their fucking destruction

I'm on the fucking run, don't be slowing me down
just give me a pound, when I roll through your town
raise ya fists up, White Yellow Red Black or Brown
I'm snatching the crown, murdering with the sound
I'm on the fucking run, trying to bring you the truth
the government wants me dead, because I'm living proof
arm yourselves with the truth and don't be scared to shoot
because they murdered Jesus, and they will murder you too

Some people fear Revelation, I pray it all comes
in the name of the Father and Son, Thy will be done
I'm tired of seeing freedom being sacrificed, for fun
revolutions now a gimmick, I see no action
brothers and sisters are captives, buried alive in stone
raped like a virgin, to call home on the phone
their children left all alone, to face the unknown
lost in this world of madness, they will make a prison your home
family reunions, being held in the yard
where so many have died, at the hands of the guards
in cold blooded murder, and not one has been charged
man everyday of my life, feels like I'm still behind bars
cops are now the guards, stalking their prey
and they will make you a slave, for what you think or say
leave you to die a slow death, locked in a fucking cage
put you in a box, and mail your moms your fucking remains


We're in the last days, the final seconds
for your own protection, unconceal your weapons
this here is Armageddon, the Truth Vs. the liar
the earth will burn like the sun, as it's covered with fire
these are my deepest desires, trapped behind barbed wire
I see nothing to lose, so I choose to open fire
like the DC sniper, Ferguson on a train
insane like NoN Phixion, with the House of Pain
I'm breaking the chains, they've wrapped around my brain
breaking all the rules, because this isn't a game
I hold my mic like a shank, and pray to my Saviour
take the stage and wild the mutha fuck out like Larry Davis
don't do me no favors, and don't ask me for shit
the trust issues I have, will land you in a deep ditch
buried left to a trick, right next to a snitch
to the right of Lady Justice, that racist bitch

Track Name: From The Frontlines
From the Frontlines

Capital-"X" is coming from the Frontlines, the bloody trenches
the muddy killing fields, of Huntsville Texas
where I stood amongst hundreds of unmarked graves of murdered brothas and sistas
sacrificed by politicians, trying to maintain their positions
man there's over 2 million, men, women and children
locked up in prisons, in foul up conditions
man you seen Abu Ghraib, well Polunsky unit's no different
I spit evidence, that's relevant to what's really going on
man I'll make you see why children go to schools heavily armed
when I'm finished just don't be ignorant and think this was only a song
man I spit Holy Scriptures like the 59th Psalm
Forget remaining silent, I be speaking in tongues
and my words will keep speaking, even if I'm hung like Saddam
I'm the Voice of the Voiceless, strapped with lyrical bombs
I spit and leave casualties dying on the Governor's lawn
I'm Capital-"X" mutha fucka's, the Revolution is on

Coming From the Front Lines, the Bloody Trenches
the muddy killing fields, of the war for justice
the front lines, where some never go home
reach for your phone cops will rock 10 shots to ya dome
from the front lines, the blood stained streets
where we're preyed on by police, looking to feed the beast
coming from the front lines, where I'll spend my last day
leave in hail of gun fire or locked in a cage

I speak for every prisoner buried in an unmarked grave
for every prisoner waiting to be murdered by the state
and for every prisoner, that's being worked like a slave
for every one of my brothas and sisters working for minimum wage
for every child, locked up in a cage
man I will fight till the grave, and pump my mic like a twelve gauge
while cowards let their own blood die in cage
fuck that I'll go out like Johnathon Jackson back in days
man since 9-11, I've seen the new wave
Mass incarceration, prison privatization
hell our own president held stocks in private prison corporations
then we wonder why, terrorists wage war on our nation
heavy police occupation, got us all under surveillance
masses blind to the facts, sedated on medications
man we need organizations, with affirmative action
before they attack us, get up and attack them


No justice, no it's not just us
London, England shits just as fucked up
it's just as corrupt, bullets are quick to erupt
our loved ones dying in the hands, of those we thought we could trust
over 1000 lives lost, modern day holocaust
police brutality, use of excessive force
the line has been crossed, now there's no turning back
man they'll probably shoot me in the back, saying this track's a terrorist act
man I come strapped with the facts, ready for combat
just like a brainwashed ghetto child sent to kill in Iraq
We're all under attack, and they're shooting to kill
operation Kratos, got me ready to kill
I'm opening fire, making the blood spill
from Parliament all the way to capitol hill
Injustice, got us up against the wall
Injustice, has got me ready for war

Track Name: Life Featuring Akir

I'm serving life in this game now, there's no turning back
I feel like, Luis Felipe trapped in Super Max
I'm serving life in this game now, without parole
got nothing to lose like I'm stranded on death row

Yo, judges be handing out sentences, like we're all degenerates
it's life with no parole whether your, guilty or innocent
locked in segregation, 7 days a week
trapped behind these bars I speak, like a murdering thief,
charged with, murdering mics, and killing MCs
indicted on multiple felonies, stuck in the beast
they got me shackled and handcuffed, with no pending release
as words I speak, touch more kids then a Catholic Priest
I'm knockin niggas off they feet, just like a Southpaw beat
360 degrees, I'm whole and complete
I'll snatch ya breath like a banga, stuck in your oblique
I stand alone, but mutha fuckas better come deep
cause I don't sleep, I stay preparing for the fucking revolt
at all costs, I'm taken hostages fuck peace talks
I’m locked down in New York, with its blood stained sidewalks
where innocent victims die, from excessive force


yea I feel like, King Blood, trapped up in the beast
with so much time ahead of me, can't even dream of the streets
I'm catching flash backs of this kid I seen hang dead from a sheet
as I sharpen my skills, like shanks on the concrete
I stay prepared for beef, in this world where life comes cheap
seen dude catch two to the cheek, for the Tims off his feet
so I stay close to the heat, cause this world is so cold
it gets hard to breath, cause I'm kept in a choke hold
life with no parole, sentenced to die day by day
locked down in this game, till I'm dropped in a grave
so I flow, for all my peoples locked up in a cage
for those that died in the struggle, back in the days
and all those born to hustle, cause we gotta get paid
man you know how they want us, controlled like dope and cocaine
we're nothing but pawns, in they political games
till we load up and take aim, ain't shit gonna change.....


I'm, scribing my thoughts, like a letter to my fam
before I'm do in court the only shorts, I'm taking is inhalation
of nicotine excelling dreams side another bus ride
across the country side where they'll lock me in the game
where I'm stuck inside, fuck I'll ride against the system
gangsters killers and thiefs, that want beef
plot they position to eat, innocent victims
get repeatedly beat in the head and turn into the walking dead
trying to dodge the stalking feds, all they really want is bread
a place to lay they head at least, belly of the beast
struggling to find peace, to each is own dog don't reach for my bone
far from home, I call up my fam on the phone
and reminisce about the old times and crimes that we plotted
a young mans logic filled with garbage can be so microscopic
so now, I use my optics watching the cops
while the fiends cop shit, to feed me where I'm locked in

Track Name: Criminals Of War
Criminals of War

You can't deny the evidence, I'm about to reveal
I call for life with no parole, with no plea bargains or deals
this cold blooded murderer, lies, cheats and steals
like King Blood in Super max, they should deny all appeals
serving under Reagan he helped encourage, the Iraq-Iran war
resulting in the deaths millions, wounding thousands more
allowing US oil and arms dealers, to profit greatly
encouraged US sponsored Dictators, In Latin America in the 80's
guilty of exterminating thousands, with US-trained death squads
conducted pre-emptive war, killing thousands in Panama
to bring down Noriega, CIA henchman and drug lord
disguised as fighting for our freedom, in the name of God
totally disregarding, international laws
ignoring and defying International courts
former super spy, for the CIA
George HW Bush former president U.S. of A

Criminals of War, (Where's the Justice?)
Criminals of War, (bring them to justice)
Criminals of War, (There's no justice)
Criminals of War, (I Want justice)

Let's follow the blood trail, straight to the blood bath
this political tale, was funded by blood cash
dealing human plasma, killing thousands in Canada
thousands infected, with blood that was contaminated
taken from prisoners in Lincoln County Arkansas
run by then governor, drugs and arms smuggler
supporter of the contra, bombings in Yugoslavia
ties to the mafia, cover ups first degree murders
The Mena Airport, to the White Water scandals,
bombed Iraq, conducted punitive sanctions
caused civilian deaths in the hundreds of thousands
presided over Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing
hands covered in blood, surrounded by violence
sudden death syndrome, war crimes thinly disguised
don't act surprised as I tell you this account
Bill Clinton's death toll, 10 folds Ice T's body count

This cold hearted killer, should be locked up in chains
but he'll have you thinking different with a huge PR campaign
like MKULTRA he'll twist up your brain
seeing his influence has encouraged US foreign policies to change
caused millions of death, by the stroke of his pen
propagandist consultant working for communist governments
token American with an empire in Australia
the Godfather of the mainstream news Mafia in America
head of the forth branch of the government, imperialist war monger
far-right agenda, hording billions of dollars
a real snake charmer, saturating the world with his views
sort of like Hitler getting the western world hating the Jews
one in every five American homes are staying tuned
supporter of the Iraq invasion, we're not talking cartoons
if you can't see the truth, then he's gotten to you
Rupert Murdoch, The mutha fucka that owns the news

OK last but not least, this is the son of the beast
who preached peace as he unleashed missile attacks on the East
conducted two pre-emptive wars, leaving thousands deceased
declared war on so called terror, with no retreat
created legislation for protection from violating Article three
twice elected black box methods, for no proof of defeat
rejected the Geneva Convention, claiming to make us all safer
yet considers the US Constitution, A God damned piece of paper
a dictator that was spoon fed, everything he should say
condoned degrading treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
torture at Abu Ghraib and prisoners in Afghanistan
over one million Iraqi's lie dead in the sand
eavesdropped on citizens, murdered his fellow Texans
wasn't the master mind but was in on planning 9-11
skull and bones member, the terror is far from done
George W Bush the former president, Lucifer's son
Track Name: Fight The Apathy
Fight the Apathy

Mass incarceration, has us losing generations
economical enslavement, has us face down on the pavement
they lock us up in cages, sentences that are outrages
friends and family evade us, like this fucking shits contagious
people fail to see, their motivation comes in payments
man we die locked up in cages, while they vacay in the Caymans
a half ass education, preps us for these situations
man they'll kill you intravenous, if you show them where a vein is
they'll make you famous, framed with charges that are heinous
represented by a fucking court appointed ignoramus
exoneration's happen daily with no explanations
take a decade and a half, because they bury information
human rights violations, with no ramifications
even the united nations ignore the condemnation
I been losing my patients, to street corner medications
man half of them won't make it, like the Africans on slave ships

y'all gotta see the tragedy, we headed for catastrophe
y'all think you're living happily but need to fight the Apathy
they break apart our families, I'm tired of the blasphemy
I'm taking on the enemy, We gotta fight the Apathy
y'all gotta see the tragedy, we headed for catastrophe
I'm tired of the blasphemy, We gotta fight the Apathy
I'm taking on the enemy, attacking with this rhapsody
this is how it has to be, now stand and fight the Apathy

I'm tired of politicians, with their slick talk propositions
they'll lie straight to your face, while they claiming to be Christians
playing tricks like they're magicians, they'll fool anyone who listens
those that stand in opposition, be facing life in prison
I face death for what I'm spittin, as I call for armed Resistance
cause they won't seize the killing, till we all seize existing
we're in need of assistance, fuck signing a petition
we need urban guerrillas, with high powered ammunition
I'm on mission, holding heat in benediction
now I know how Jesus felt, when He faced His Crucifixion
prosecutor's derelictions got my trigger finger itching
as the Texas Coalition, fights these wrongful death convictions
I stay optimistic though my peers are pessimistic
born and raised up in a system, that counts kids as statistics
it's just ridiculous cause violence just breeds violence
but till they seize firing, I'll fight them with these violins


If you thought that I was playing, you ain't heard what I been saying
we been talking revolution, since the King assassination
it's time to end the talking all the singing and the praying
express your indignation , now that's real entertainment
stand against discrimination, higher prison populations
stand for better education and for rehabilitation
if you're scared to say shit, that's no different than enslavement
I don't say this just to say this or to become rich and famous
we're in desperate need of changes, so many things need changing
we got brothers killing brothers just like they're total strangers
law enforcement occupations real heavy for containment
and they're quick to find that ass guilty, by association
they got free masons, separating all the nations
fulfilling prophesies in the book or Revelations
they love to hate me, as they seeking my damnation
cause I fight the Apathy, with every oral presentation

Track Name: Stop Snitching
Stop Snitching

I'm rattling cages of, murder cases
I'm, blowing up stages, from state to state
the truths contagious, I'm seeing changes
man fuck being famous, I'm a load up and aim this
I'll make it painless, without the stainless
a crime so heinous, they'll kill me intravenous
anyone can blame us, even for payments
I wanna over-throw this system that enslaves us
they murder shameless, just like gangsters
just cause he said she said they hang us
a total stranger, points his finger
now you stuck on the row, and your life is in danger
filled with anger, that's grown with age
raised in a cage, on numbered days
mind in haze, you realize you been played
man in Texas executions are a fucking plague

Stop Snitching, my fingers itching
I'm loading ammunition, like a kid on a mission
stop snitching, baring false witness
I'm ready to still anyone acts suspicious
stop snitching, keep ya distance
don't never forget, that this here's a business
stop snitching, I'm taking position
I'm locked, and loaded and I'm stalking politicians

I don't promote violence, I ain't saying get violent
but these snitches need to practice their right to remain silent
the prosecution's smiling, man I can sense they malice
which keeps the scales of justice completely off balance
Austin to Dallas Harris County be the foulest
where they'll leave every Black and Latina mama childless
I rock tired-less with a nickel plated wireless
attack the system like a mutha fucking virus
setting fire to these liars like a hit man for hire
leave them expired just like Method Man on the Wire
times are dire when the state needs to conspire
building capital cases based on testimony of a liar
this is why they set off bombs on the road side
this is why they'll send us bombs strapped to their own child
this is why you should watch what comes out of you mouth
this is how you can wind up on Texas Death House

Track Name: Prison Of The Mind
Prison of the mind

My brains been cuffed up and shackled, locked up in chains
like a terrorist suspect at Guantanamo bay
stuck in a house of pain, where living conditions are inhumane
the kind of place that drives the toughest mutha fuckas insane
they say no pain no gain, man I'm tired of playing games
I got this razor in my hand, ready to cut my veins
let me explain, it's like I'm submerged and drownin
and I can spit this verse with no beat, the way my head is pounding
I'm completely surrounded, and there's no escaping
locked in solitary confinement, administrative segregation
there's no cures or medications, no smiling or grinning
even satan fears this hellish place that I live in
serving a life sentence, with no chance for parole
no time off for good behavior, like Antonio Negron
I can't hear you when you talk, so you better fuckin shout
I'm trapped behind these bars I've written, and see no way out

Locked in a prison of the mind, this is where I'm living
cruel and unusual punishment, it's so unforgiving
with no evidence or witnesses, I've been convicted
removed from existence, now I'm just a statistic
in a prison of the mind, this is where I'm living
where all hope is lost, even if you're a Christian
out of sight out of mind, no phone calls or visits
my only escape is this rhyme and the rhythm

Yea I feel trapped like the Africa's, after the Philly Massacre
held captive, I want to uprise like Attica
I call for revolution, but I'm only heard by actors
that own the art of war, but have never read a chapter
dying slowly in solitary, like George L. Jackson
contemplating action, revenge against his assassins
time keeps passing by, and I keep asking-why?
I was born to live and die, trapped on the inside
no concrete or steel, but these bars are fucking real
it's like a fucking public defender, copped me a raw deal
life with no parole, buried alive in a hole
feel like Christ climbing skull hill, baring the cross
no one cares if your lost, it's injustice for all
only escapes like Snake, climbing over the wall
fuck it if I fall, I'm tired of doing the time
in solitary confinement within my own fucking mind

Track Name: Revolutionary

If you don't stand with me, you stand against me,
I place the blame for all our social ills that have caused discomfort and unhappiness
squarely on the shoulders of those that are responsible: the people that are in control.
I say It's time for a people's revolution, led by the politically conscious...

I'm tired of the hypocrisy and the mockery of justice
tired of seeing our children, carried off in prison buses
I'm tired of the brutality and all the corruption
they arrest us nothing, I'm ready to do something
the prison industry, and the corporate hustle
need to be dismantled as we continue to struggle
open up your eyes, stop living in a fucking bubble
the country you'd die for, is real quick to fuck you
I reach out to touch you, with revolutionary sounds
when I die I'll leave more than sad songs, and a hump in the ground
I want to leave a world liberated, free from oppression
free from repression, wars and racism
I'll put a bullet in ya brain, if it'll make a difference
in dismantling colonialists and imperialism
I wanna see every politician rotting in prison
that's not a mission statement, that's my fucking mission

(Chorus) (Call and response)
Say I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
Say I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary

The government has us working to death, or dieing in cages
fuck the American dream, no one sees wealth earning wages
fuck Kennedy's speech trying to make us all complacent
we went from chattel slavery to economical enslavement
they taking our rights to bare arms, leaving us all hopeless
cause unarmed people are slaves, at any given moment
our system is broken, I speak for the unspoken
for every grieving mother, and death penalty opponent
it's genocide and slaughter of our sons and daughters
guns are in order, guerrilla's without borders
I'm old school, so fuck a new world order
what I spit will bless your kids just like holy water
I stand against our oppressors, with a mic and a shank
cause I'd rather die free than have a dime in the bank
fuck a Benz fuck a Bentley fuck an MTV crib
I'm tired of living, how they tell me to live


They send hundreds to their death, with enemy appointed attorney's
guilty or innocent, they show you no mercy
it's constitutional, if you're convicted by jury
you think it's justice, till your first born's on the gurney
thousands executed, and they'll be thousands more
those being executed, Brown or poor
I'm declaring war, on the fascist bastards
it's prisoner against guard, like it was slave against master
being captured, is not an option
political imprisonment, I won't be silenced
I'm a product of my environment, so I'll go out violent
sparking up prison riots from Corrocan to Elmira
juvenile lifers, born to be lifeless
how much more can one be Christ like
lethal injection, modern day crucifixion
what I spit will have them seeking a murder conviction


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